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The Top Domain Sales for 2021 According to

This intro provides commentary to the article, Shares Insights on the Top Domain Sales for Q4 of 2021.

Among public domain sales in 2021, BrandForce made the most reported sale in third and James Booth made the most reported sale in

As expected, .com domains dominated the top 10 sales charts for the year. continues to expand its interests in emerging industries such as cryptocurrency, CBD, and Cannabis.

Read a clip from the article here below:

New York, NY – has compiled the biggest domain sales that were reported for Q4 2021. And in Q4, domain sales continued their trailblazing six-figure and seven-figure sales as it has throughout the year., a leading marketplace for premium domains, provides expert advice to businesses on topics such as how to purchase a domain name for a website and continues to keep their audience updated with the hottest trends and latest domain sales.

As reported by DNJournal, here are highlights of the top domain sales of Q4 2021:

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