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Premier Lash Studio in NJ Only Uses Cruelty-Free and Hypoallergenic Products

Here’s our commentary to the article Premier Lash Studio in NJ Only Uses Hypoallergenic and Cruelty Free Products first published by

Some women have complained about allergic reactions to eyelash extensions. As such It is imperative that studio products are of the highest quality.

Considering that lash extensions are a rapidly growing industry, lash studios must ensure the products they use are safe.

If you have allergies, Lash Studio in NJ can provide assistance with lash extensions and possible allergic reactions.

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However, there have been some women who have experienced allergic reactions with eyelash extensions, specifically due to the glue used. This is especially true when choosing the best place for eyelash extensions, as it underscores the importance of knowing what type and quality products a lash studio uses.

For those that have had an allergic reaction, Ash Santiago encourages them to contact her studio to have an initial consultation to determine why they had a reaction and see if her studio can provide any assistance with lash extensions and resolve any allergic reactions.

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