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NUS Restaurant and Irene Martinez, Signature Cuisine in Capital Letters

Irene Martinez and Nus conclude the II edition of Kitchens and Cooks with Passion with their menus

Signature cuisine in capital letters. This is the proposal of the new menu that the culinary initiative from the Mallorca Bulletin and B|Style presents for tasting this June, with reservations already available.

It has just opened and it is already becoming difficult to get a table at NUS in Santa Catalina, a concept full of suggestive flavours that Irene Martinez has decided to label as ‘restless cuisine’. This is partly due to its location, just a few metres from the Santa Catalina market, where the produce is always fresh and of the highest quality. But undoubtedly the key to the new NUS is the artisan work done in the kitchen, which gives us the opportunity to get to know ‘Kitchens and Cook with Passion’, until 9th July.

For many, Irene Martinez’s name is not yet part of the universe of the most prestigious chefs in the media. We first heard of her when she was working in the kitchen of Arume with Tomeu Marti, between 2012 and 2015. Later she moved to Madrid, and what was supposed to be a sabbatical year turned into a real experience when she joined chef David Muñoz’s team at DiverXO. But this was not the end of her professional path. She went to Kyoto for a three-month stay with a working contract at Sushidokoro Man.

On her return to Mallorca in 2017, she shared the kitchen with Santi Taura, in Dins a la Carta, so after all these years of training and experience, it was time for her to take on the challenge of opening her own restaurant. Quite a test of fire.

Signature cuisine

The Nus Restaurant presents a practical and comfortable décor in which the diner has a direct view of what is being cooked in the kitchen. Every detail counts. Hence the importance of working with raw materials of the highest quality. This is something that Irene learned in Tokyo when she got up at four in the morning to go shopping for fish with the chef, Akira Umehara, and also the result of the triple training she received with Margalida Mulet from the Alcari School, from Margalida Alemany, Catering Bon Dinar, and from her own training at the Escola d’Hoteleria de les Illes Baleares. The menu that is now available for customers of the promotion, includes a series of products with capital letters – says Irene Martinez, OYSTERS, TUNA, ANCHOVIES, CAP ROIG, IBERIAN PORK…, very succulent dishes to be placed in the centre of the table’. There is no fusion, but several lines of work based on culinary classicism as well as on oriental influences or popular recipes.

Mallorca Bulletin readers can now book a place. As usual, they can access through the QR that is included here or through the web following the reservation system to set the date and time of service, and the number of diners.


Main courses in the centre of the table: Crispy oyster with tartar sauce, Tuna Kamado style, Creamy omelette with kimchi, Anchovies in Japanese marinade, Nigiri squid, Fried Cap Roig,
Aubergine with a touch of sweetness, Grilled Iberian pork.

Desserts: Tocino de Cielo with yoghurt, Carob warabimochi.

Drinks: Rosa Blanca Beer; Supernova Blanca 2021 white wine, Ca’n Verdura Winemakers;
Ca’n Verdura 2021 red wine, Ca’n Verdura Winemakers; Font Major mineral water.

PRICE PER PERSON: 65.00€ all inclusive

More information and conditions of the promotion at or by WhatsApp to 620-965482.


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