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IN Focus: White House Official on Plan to Fight Inflation

INDIANAPOLIS – With gas prices at record-highs and costs continuing to rise across the economy, IN Focus is hearing from the White House this week on the president’s plan to combat inflation.

President Biden recently visited Illinois to speak with farmers on rising production costs. White House Deputy Press Secretary Chrisopher Meagher says he’s “laser-focused” on fighting inflation.

“The president understands that we have a lot of work left to do,” said Meagher. “He understands that this is one of the biggest challenges that families are facing.”

US inflation hit 8.3% last month but slows from 40-year high

Despite the recent rise, Meagher said the administration has made a lot of progress in its first year 15 months.

“The president isn’t sitting around and waiting, he’s jumping into action,” Meagher said. “Whether it’s lowering prices at the gas pump or lowering the prices people are paying when they go to the grocery store everyday. He’s doing everything in his power to put more money in people’s pockets.”

US added 428,000 jobs in April despite surging inflation

Meagher pushed back on the notion that Biden-era polices helped contribute to today’s inflation. Commenting on Republican proposals to lower government spending, he’s calling on Republicans to put forward “more realistic” plans.

“I would ask ‘Who has your back?'” Meagher said. “The president, who is fighting everyday to lower costs for the American people, or Senate Republicans who are talking about a plan to increase taxes for middle class Americans?”

Indiana Democrats renew push for state gas tax suspension

At the Statehouse, Democratic lawmakers are calling for a pause in Indiana’s gas tax. Hoosiers could see prices go down by about 56 cents-per-gallon. Governor Eric Holcomb is signaling he’s not on board with the proposal, at least through emergency action. In a statement, Gov. Holcomb pointed out that other states were able to pass gas tax suspensions through their legislatures.

“For an Indiana Governor to suspend the gas tax through a declaration of an energy emergency, the state must have an existing or projected energy shortfall that would jeopardize life, healthcare, and property,” Gov. Holcomb said. “We have not met that threshold.”

Watch more on the federal and local responses to inflation in the video above.


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