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A Description of the Different Types of Eyelash Extensions Offered by NJ Lash Studio

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In the past few years eyelash extensions have become one of the newest beauty trends. Ash Santiago, a licensed esthetician and owner of an NJ Lash Studio, wants to educate her clients.

A blog on NJ Lash Studios’ website enables customers to learn about eyelash extensions at

A natural look can be achieved at an affordable price with eyelash extensions. There are various lengths and curls available on the market.

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New York – For the past few years, eyelash extensions have become one of the most popular beauty trends for women. As this trend continues to spread by way of social media and word of mouth, a lot of women will have had their interest peaked. Based on Google trends, search terms such as ‘eyelash extensions in new jersey near me’ to ‘what are the best types of eyelash extensions’ have all increased as many women are looking to learn more about eyelash extensions.

These are a very popular eyelash extension option as they are usually a cheaper alternative than Mink lash extensions. They offer a more dramatic and noticeable look. Silk lash extensions should only be used on clients that already have strong natural lashes.

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